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Tiger Bazar catalogue for online sale of metallic leads, metal and cotton threads, wires for jewellery, cords and strings, colored wire

Jewellery wire & lead for beads jewels
nylon coated stainless steel wires
Edelstahldraht - Schmuckdraht - Stahldraht

jewellery findings Different names for same wires suitable for do-it-yourself jewellery bijoux making ...

nylon coated semi-stiff stainless steel lead

  • It's used in many different ways for jewellery making thanks to easy threading of all beads and rocailles without needles

Even if jewellery nylon-coated steel wire diameter isn't just large-sized, it's also suitable for large and heavy bead threading.

To hook nylon-coated steel wires for jewellery onto the clasp ... crimp beads are required

How to make fashion jewels with 2 or more wires?

Bijoux school, boltring & nylon coated steel wires

Tips & tricks - techniques for the fastening of multistring jewels with colored wires and metal ribbons

ideas - clasps for ribbon & nylon coated wires

Nicole's ideas ...
Bijoux jewels by Nicole ... advice, techniques, instructions for beading, jewellery making with beads

Fashion jewellery - what's the most innovative use of nylon-coated steel wires?

  • ... thanks to trendy techniques you might use nylon-coated wires for jewellery for the soft wave making being characteristic of Etoile and Ola beaded necklaces

how to make trendy bijoux, necklaces with wires

Nylon coated stainless steel wires for jewellery and crimp reliability ...

  • It's the greatest if, before wire cutting, you check that the crimp is well fixed on the wire, otherwise press one time again by pliers.

Ideal wire diameter of jewellery leads

  • I usually use the 0,45 mm platinum wire to create the greatest part of my jewels ...

0,45 mm nylon coated stainless steel wires has excellent quality-price ratio, wires diameter allows me the going through the hole of the majority beads of our catalogue, rocailles included ...

  • By visible wires, I choose platinum or colored lead according to the protagonist bead mix of beaded jewels

An example of necklace with lead, stones and Swarovski?!

  • Leticia set-of-jewellery project

Why not making with 8 mm Swarovski, nylon-coated jewellery-wires .... and the precious central ornament of Moonlight necklace?!

create quick-&-easy bijoux, necklaces with wires

on line shopping Tiger Bazar How to on-line buy

Jewellery colored nylon steel wires Ø 0,40 mm BOX PRICE
4 metres
TH22-341-91 platinum 1,60 EUR
TH22-341-95 gold color 1,60 EUR
examples of jewellery bijoux with colored nylon-coated wire and lead in mahogany, wires in platinum and gold color
do-it-yourself ideas necklaces beads

Nylon-coated lead for jewellery Ø 0,45 mm BOX PRICE
20 metres
HB22-339-00 platinum 6,00 EUR
colored wires for beads jewels, glass beads idea with nylon-steel lead for jewellery
Nylon-coated lead for jewellery Ø 0,38 mm BOX PRICE
10 metres
HB22-340-91 platinum 3,00 EUR
HB22-340-89 black 5,40 EUR

Bijoux nylon-coated steel wires - Ø 0,30 mm BOX PRICE
10 metres
SW11-10 pink wire 4,20 EUR
Swarovski weaving of beads jewels, jewellery bijoux colored nylon-coated steel wires in pink

Colored nylon-coated
steel wires Ø 0,45 mm
10 metres
SW2245 + color 5,40 EUR
green and blue color, colored nylon-coated steel wires for jewellery bijoux and beads jewels making
-480 emerald green     -200 light blue wires
nylon-coated steel wires for jewellery and do-it-yourself beads bijoux jewels - cherry and sky-blue colors
-590 cherry wires    -450 sky blue lead

0,50 mm nylon-steel
wire for jewellery jewels
2 metres
RH21-080-10 blue
2,53 EUR
Rayher lead, nylon-coated steel wires  

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