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nickel free findings
Clamshells ... jabot

  • Copper galvanization of calotte findings for jewellery clasp
  • pcs. = pieces ...


  • 3 and 3,5 mm calottes have all a central hole among the two parts of the cap and a hook end for the fastening onto the clasp,
  • in 4 and 5 mm calottes threads are placed in the metallic indentation delineated at the bottom of the cap that has to be fastened by flat-nosed pliers. They have a little bar or a end ring.

Practical advice: clamshells to ...

fasten many silk or nylon threads by a drop of glue; in the case of stahldraht and wires they might the finding to join ends for 6 - 9 string necklaces onto a 3-string clasp (Leticia necklace, Free project).

Liberty style earrings with calotte findings for jewellery clasp

click on ... Liberty style earrings

  • Pass R in a metre of 0,35 mm platinum wire ideally folded up, both wire ends go through S6, on the left and the right insert R, S4, R, S6, R and reenter in S6.
  • Add a rocaille on both sides and weave both wire ends in S6 (wire exchange bead).
    • On the right and left insert R, S4, R: both wires pass through a 4 mm faceted bead.
  • On the left wire insert S6 (let it vertical), on the right 6R, and turn around the vertical wire, hook it, add 6R and go back in S6.
  • We have made the ornament of rocailles around the 6 mm faceted bead.
    • After having passed each wire ends through S4 and the calotte hole, fasten them by a crimp.
    • Close the cap and hook its ring onto the fish hooks.
  • Pattern key: S4 = 4 mm faceted , S6 = 6 mm faceted and R = rocailles

On-line order: click here!



HB21-671-95 Calottes
3,5 mm gold-plated
10 grammes:
4,90 EUR
sales by the weight:
10 grammes = about 78 findings
HB21-671-91 Calottes
3,5 mm silver-plated
10 grammes:
4,00 EUR

HB386-063 Calottes
4 mm platinum
pack 12
3,20 EUR

end bar
Sale unit of HB386-063 is 12 grammes. How many pieces? Not less than 80 string holders

RH21-119-21 Calottes
3 mm platinum
pack 10 pcs.:
1,85 EUR
RH21-119-06 Calottes
3 mm gold-plated

GUE6676-41 Calottes
3 mm mixed colours
pack 8 pcs.:
2,25 EUR

4 gold+
4 silver

RH21-525-21 Calottes
5 mm platinum
pack 10 pcs.:
1,65 EUR
RH21-525-06 Calottes
5 mm gold-plated
RH21-523-21 Calottes
4 mm platinum
pack 10 pcs.:
1,55 EUR
RH21-523-06 Calottes
4 mm gold-plated

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